Today I was inspired….

This weekend, an old friend and I got together and took a 3 1/2 hour mini road -trip to Brighton Ontario.  We had made reservations to The Lotus Heart Centre, a B&B/ Yoga retreat for spiritual teachers and spirituality seekers alike.

I have been casually practicing yoga for about ten years and enjoy the many mind and body benefits it provides.  My friend and I are like-minded individuals in that we share an enthusiasm for the practice and so, when a deal was presented on Living Social , she went and purchased our tickets.

This place is unlike  anywhere I’ve ever been.  People from all over the world gather here to teach and be taught. The energy is fantastic. The vibe is peaceful and welcoming and smiles are on everyone’s faces.

We take all of our meals together (vegan menu) prepared by the lovely and effervescent Robin of .  I couldn’t stop telling her how much I love everything she made. It was simply delicious, super clean, organic and full of positive vibrations .

It was during meal times that our group ( a mixture of people from far and wide, different age groups and backgrounds) got around a big wooden table and feasted. The conversation is light happy and inquisitive.

It was during these sacred moments that I watched the light dance in people’s eyes. They spoke of their passions, what their purpose was for being at the Lotus Centre . Their passion was intoxicating……

I have struggled for a long time trying to concretely determine my own passion. Over the years, I’ve worn an incredible amount of different hats in search of the perfect fit. I’ve finally realized that my passions are simple.  They are; food, drink, travel, helping others, learning, fashion, people and beautiful things. What makes the light dance in my own eyes is LIFE and all the wonderful things that make a life. I’ve realized that passion doesn’t need to be a monetized or quantifiable thing to be worthy or to be proud of.  Your passion simply has to make you happy.

And so commences my blog. It will be an effort to share what I know and what I’ve learned and to connect with people who could benefit from that.

I hope you will enjoy it 😀

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