Encrusted Fabulousness

I have been meaning to post about my recent purchase of a beautiful multicoloured peacock clutch.

Its half-shell shape makes it PRACTICALLY ergonomically designed .  The detail on it is amazing.

Peacock Clutch, Crystal Encrusted  Perfection
Peacock Clutch, Crystal Encrusted

I came across it serendipitously actually . The week before, I saw similar clutches in fashion magazines which retailed in the thousands. I thought to myself OMG I NEED this!!! It belongs to ME! So imagine my delight when I came face-to-face with this thing of beauty AND it was reasonably priced.

Its really difficult to capture how well this piece shows . Its intricate and well done. It shimmers immensely in the light. There is a small gold rope you can use to hold on to if you so choose.The interior is gold as well and the clasp open and shuts much like an old fashioned coin purse.

Rainbow Jade is a kiosk in Square One shopping mall selling an assortment of over the top sparkly things. Check them out. I also bought an all diamonte clutch, a little less
loud than this one, but just as stunning.

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