Intraceuticals’ Oxygen Facials

I am often told that I have beautiful skin , that I look younger than my chronological age and I’m asked frequently “have you had work done” ?

Although it is very flattering to hear such compliments I have to say that its a three part effort.  I have pretty fantastic genes (thanks mom and dad!) as both my parents look super for their age. I eat nutritionally dense wild and organic  food, drink plenty of water  and get lots of sleep. I minimize stress and negativity in my life as much as possible. The final variable of that effort are Intraceutical Facials.

My entree into the exclusive world of oxygen facials was upon a suggestion from my facialist. I love microdermabrasion and the results it gives (imagine sand blasting your face. awesome), but she let me know that after having my usual micro it would be very advantageous to me if I did oxygen facials as well.

Intraceuticals Oxygen facials are essentially oxygen that contains vitamins and its kind of vacuumed into your pores, if you can imagine that. Seeing as I was OVER THE MOON with how youthful, plump and refined my skin looked , my addiction began.

I had to buy the whole system…..

The Opulence System with Vitamin A and C Boosters
The Opulence System with Vitamin A and C Boosters

This is an elite brand so acquisition of the product is going to be expensive let me warn you, but the results are fantastic and you will fall in love with your skin again.

Using this system at home in conjunction with oxygen facials and microdermabrasion will guarantee a vast improvement in your skin wherever your at with it. The facials prep the skin to receive the serums in the at -home system, amplifying it’s benefits , but not necessary.

The system provides REAL results that you can actually see, markedly, by the third day.

I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

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