Country Luxury

Langdon Hall is a grande mansion perched upon a gentle hill and nestled within an embrace of wooded area in Cambridge Ontario.

I am a lover of spas and I am always on the lookout for a great place to visit.  Langdon Hall seemed to have everything I was looking for; beautiful grounds in a natural setting, gourmet dining, fabulous spa services and most of all,serenity.

How I missed this place after all these years I have no idea, but it is truly a sanctuary.  I should mention that Langdon Hall bears the very prestigious designation of being a part of the Relais & Chateau collection .

Langdon Halls Front Entrance
Langdon Hall’s Front Entrance

Langdon Hall exudes old world charm through its decor. It is warm and inviting, but with an air of elegance and craftsmanship.  One can enjoy the sounds of a live pianist in the evenings. It warmed my heart to hear him playing as I have been studying piano for some time myself.  The melodic rhythms provided an added soothing dimension to an already wonderful atmosphere.  The attentiveness of the staff was exceptional and my every need was seen to . There was always someone eager to tell me about the history of the mansion or what I should get for lunch 🙂

Piano Parlour / Sitting Room
Seating in the Parlour
Seating in the Parlour

The food is exceptional here ! I especially enjoyed the more casual fare provided by The Wilks’ bar, a pub-like mini resto with access to  the large Georgian porches that lead out to the reflecting pond and gardens. I learned while there that is quite popular to take tea on the porches or in the solarium and I made a mental note to return to do just those things!

Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool
Porch off of the Wilk's Pub
Porch off of the Wilks’ Bar

At dinner, my waiter recommended a delicious bottle of red. He was very kind to write it down for me, and I enjoyed it with my bedtime snack the following evening.

Bedtime Nibbles
Bedtime Nibbles

If you’re a nature lover ,the grounds have 10km of hiking and biking trails. The hotel very graciously provides for bicycles gratis, but I would suggest that you bring your own if you are particular about your bicycle seat as I am.  The trails are beautiful,even in the spring and I can not wait to return in the summer to see them in their lush beauty.  A pool and a tennis court are provided as well, but they were not open for the season on my visit.

Langdon Halls Biking Trails
Langdon Halls Biking Trails

What REALLY made an impact on me is that Langdon Hall is canine friendly. Guests are welcome to bring their fur babies with them, the only stipulation being that guests with canines stay in the Cloisters, a group of guest rooms off of the main house.   I know what your thinking, but the rooms in the Cloisters  are just as beautiful as any of the other rooms and show no signs of  wear and tear. I found that every element of Langdon Hall is held to very high standards.

The Cloistures
The Cloisters

In closing, if you are in need of a break from the city or want to simply celebrate life, I suggest you pop in to Langdon Hall. You won’t be disappointed. It is heaven on earth!

View of the grounds
View of the grounds

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