Dry Shampoo Review

Oscar Blondie vs. Batiste

The resurgence of  dry shampoo is warmly welcomed by me.I am a blonde, with extensions, with fine hair that is processed and curly.

That list  right there is what a lot of hair dressers would call “difficult hair” to put it mildly:)

My blow-dry guy gets arm pains when he does my hair.

Are you catching my drift here???

With that said, I am in a constant battle to keep my roots fresh without completely drying out my ends. That’s why dry shampoo is so important to me and what I consider to be a Godsend.  I apply it to my roots after a fresh blow-dry even because it adds SO much sexy body and volume.

Batiste dry shampoo in its assortment of scents has been my fall back for dry shampoo. With my hair type, you are a fool to try to wash it everyday. In fact NOONE should wash their hair everyday. I go for a blowout once a week, twice in the summers ,but on that day before my appointment or after a hot yoga class………… :S I need a little help.

Enter dry shampoo.

Okay, so as I said Batiste has had my heart. $6.99 at Winners  and you can find a great statement necklace while you’re at it. I usually buy this stuff by the basket full as one never knows if they’ll get more.

After much reading, I came across tons of reviews for Oscar Blondie dry shampoo available at Sephora. Being the outrageously curious Gemini that I am, I bought both talc and non talc options.

Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo

Here’s what I learned,Oscar Blondie is very light. You do not get the grit you need if you like big hair (as I do). Instead OBs dry shampoos provide a light mist . It does nothing for me at all and I can’t see how all the reviews just raved about it.  Your hair gets oily again pretty quickly as well. The scent is nice enough and I guess if your partial to brands you might go this route, but I am about results.

If you want, hold, texture, dry roots and lasting power get Batiste -it works. I can COMPLETELY vouch for it and it has absolutely nothing to do with the kick ass price point.

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