Glamglow Mud/Scrub

I recently went through a very unfortunate period of blemished skin. I don’t know if it was the change in the season, hormones or what,but I woke up one morning to a face full of pimples – highly unusual for me.

In desperation I started to scour the internet in search of a cure. I read about Glamglow and had to try.

Its greenish in colour with a strange mud/scrub hybrid kind of constitution. I was skeptical, but kept on.

Its consistency
Its consistency

The directions tell you to work a bit of water through it, then apply in a thin layer, then leave it on the skin for 10 minutes.

I noticed that as it dried there was a strong stinging sensation which I convolutedly appreciated because to me if means its working.

After ten minutes, I rinsed it off and used my Clarisonic brush to aid in the effort.

I then used Neutrogena acne pads and followed with a blemish cream also by Neutrogena.

My old school go-to method, but it still works!
My old school go-to method, but it still works!

I woke up the next morning to a noticeably clearer face and even my friends noticed that my skin was getting better.

In my anguish over my facial situation, I forgot to take photos to document the before and after, but Glamglow really did help to heal and clear my face.

How is it different than say a kaolin mask followed by a exfoliating scrub? Well as it has been very thoughtfully pre-mixed together for you, I will say it probably saves some time.  I believe there must be some medicinal ingredient in there to attribute the stinging sensation to, but I’m not a chemist.

Does it work? Yes, fantastically.

“The hype is real” as they say 😉

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