Are you on Acid???

Well you should be !

As of late, I have discovered the WONDERFUL world of at-home peels and acids.

It’s resurfaced my skin, minimized my pores and lightened the discolouration from previous blemishes. My skin appears tighter and more youthful looking with a healthy glow. And lately, I have been getting many compliments on how smooth my skin looks. Its true my makeup goes on much better and looks more luminous and “airbrushed” as a result of these products. I needed to share my secret …..

Now, the word PEEL doesn’t sound very becoming does it?

The at-home variety won’t have you looking reptilian like the medi-spa kind and you won’t need days of downtime. Its a far more gentler and slower process, but these points do not discount its efficacy. I can vouch for that.

With the frigid temperatures upon us, it’s the ideal time to do a peel. It is never advisable to go out into the sun without sunscreen , but more-so when you are on an exfoliation or peeling system. The acids in these products make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, so the dark winter months are the best time to renew your skin and emerge in the spring with a more beautiful complexion.

Here are a couple of my favourites!

1. Easy peasy one-step-before-bed

Radical Skincare
Radical Skincare

2.For a more systematic approach

Rodial Super Acid System

I am sooo impressed with these products. They utilize a makeup  remover pad as the applicator for the solution making the process even easier and faster.

Let me know how you like them!!

xoxox Steph

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