DIY Eyelash Extensions – Yes You Can!


***DISCLAIMER***This is an opinion based instructional article.  I am not endorsed by any brands mentioned herewithin. Although this is safe, you can harm yourself if you’re not careful. Please practice caution when applying these eyelash extensions.

I have been an avid user of eyelash extensions for years. Twice a month, every two weeks, every month without fail. It can get expensive and time-consuming . I started to look at alternatives. Eyelashstrips have always been difficult for me to apply . I’ve tried Latise to grow my own lashes, but  it felt oily on my eyes and I was constantly forgetting to apply it and that product required time to pass for you to see results (did I mention that I have ZERO patience?)  I was exasperated with my bald eyeballs. Beyond all the methods I had tried , what else was left!?

Wellllll did you know you can do your eyelash extensions YOURSELF?

As I ventured  further into this new world of self-applied lash extensions, I realized I was kind of late to the party. There are many products on the market to assist in one’s #lashgoals . The brands “Andrea” and “Ardell” particularly , seem to dominate this marketplace. The “Andrea” brand even went as far as to put together a self-proclaimed “Starter Kit” . Here it is below.

Starter Kit : Sally’s Beauty Supply

Essentially the idea is this. You alternate between the long, medium and short lashes along your lash line. You use the adhesive to apply. Just a touch ! Then you place it directly on your natural lashes. There is a bit of planning involved depending on the look you want to achieve so I’ve included a placement guide to help you.

Eyelash Placement Map


The numbers you see can represent both eyelash lengths and thicknesses. Individual eyelashes can come in single and double flared.  Also thin to very thick diameters. This means that the bond (The small ball that holds the hair fibres in place) holds either one or two sets of individual eyelashes. Most eyelash extension specialists will argue that putting a double flare on a single lash may be damaging and I can’t argue that point. Use at your own discretion and caution.

In addition to the starter kit, I bought a few boxes of other types of individual eyelashes.

Small Strip Lashes (ADORE TRIOS) , Double Flare , Black Glue and Extra Lash Remover

Some Points to Remember:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your natural lashes from all mascara, makeup etc. You need a CLEAN workspace.
  2. Disinfect your tools using rubbing alcohol . Wash your hands before beginning.
  3. Map out how you want your lashes to look. Arrange the various lashes on a piece of paper or clean work area so you have a reference. You can even just print out the above placement map and use that as a guide.
  4. Black adhesive looks better than clear. Try to buy that one.
  5. Using your tweezers, gingerly pick up your eyelash and dip it in glue. Then apply to natural lashes. Do not use too much glue. It can get sloppy fast.
  6. Work SLOWLY . This is tedious work and takes some time.
  7. Try not to poke yourself in the eye with your tweezers because that’s not smart.
  8. Avoid using any oil-based products on your eyes as this will dissolve your eyelash extension glue.

What I’ve Learned:

I rather like the small strip lashes. I’m lazy and inpatient and these offer a kind of cheat method for getting these little suckers on. You can always go back and fill in later if you see some spaces in your final lash look.

I did this whole process TWICE. Once with Mink lash strips, and once with the above store bought individual lashes. I like the Mink . Here is a photo below.

Mink Strip Lashes

I preferred these for several reasons.

They are natural hair fibers so they look like your own hair.  They have tapered ends which helps your finished work look more wispy and natural. All you need to do with this method is to cut the strip up into clusters. Then apply cluster by cluster onto your lashes. You can always fill in any gaps with the Ardene and Andrea brand lashes if needed.

Applying your own eyelash extensions takes a bit of practice, but it’s cost-effective, time efficient and gives you the creative freedom to do exactly as you like with your custom eyelash look.

All big checkmarks in my books I’ll say 🙂

These should last four weeks and will fall off naturally . If you don’t like what you’ve created, the lash adhesive remover works very well. It was no trouble to get the eyelashes off by soaking a Q-tip in the solution, then soaking the lashes. They wiggled right off .

Now that you know exactly what you need, go have fun creating flirty lash looks !!

xo steph

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