Smell Like Paradise

Some time ago, on an aimless, unplanned and exorbitantly expensive trip to the makeup mecca Sephora, I found myself testing out the fragrances. I have been a longtime devotee of  Narcisco Rodriguez and Midnight Poison, and I love them. Among the display a new and unfamiliar name presented itself. I had never heard of the”Nest” brand prior to this day .


Now, “A chacun son gout” as the French say, and this absolutely applies with regards to fragrance, but I think Indigo is a winner and you might too . It’s an interesting scent. Complicated and layered and different.  It is certainly fresh, but moody. For me it smells like being on vacation in a warm destination. The sleepy  walk along a tropical, flower scented path , freshly showered in a breezy maxi dress. Your hand in that of someone you love on your way to enjoy a luxurious dinner oceanside. You can hear the waves as you approach .You feel beautiful and happy…  It smells like that 🙂

Having loved Indigo so much, I went on to purchase the body cream. It’s very rich, but a true lotion instead of a “butter” consistency.  It layers beautifully with the fragrance without being overpowering.

The cream is DELICIOUS
I then bought the roller ball for obvious reasons. There is no difference in fragrance between the roller ball and spray which is sometimes the case. It is equally concentrated and true to scent.

PERFECT for Your Handbag
Next time you’re in Sephora, I would encourage you to try it out. Indigo is very pleasant and versatile. The lack of powdery notes makes this an easy fragrance to wear for both day and night. It’s freshness yet complexity make it appropriate for hot and cold temperatures. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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