The Gilet 

The gilet, (pronounced gee-lay) is in my humble opinion THE BEST option to wear for day to day errand running. It is my personal default go-to and I prefer it over anything else for a day when you are really focused on getting things done.

Shopping , walking around campus, picking up children , walking the dogs, going to a fancy dinner or event etc.etc. etc. Can be accomplished effortlessly while keeping warm and looking absolutely chic  ( trust me you WILL get asked by many where you found such a piece) .

Far better than any old coat,the preeminent advantage of the gilet is that it is sleeveless. This is essential in allowing the wearer to feel free to move. You are agile in a gilet . You can hyperextend yourself , easily throw it on and off . No little annoyances like buckles and belts or buttons. It’s literally a swoop through your arms and bam your done getting it on.
I’m a collector of gilets for these points. I love fashion . In fact I’ve made it my profession. But that doesn’t mean I want to step out every day done to the tits in full glam and regalia . Real life is running to the bank and getting gas and picking up your dry cleaning and most times you want to dress for function not form. I get this . I truly do . But a lot of times utilitarian dressing takes away from the romance , the theatre of dressing . The gilet provides both function and form. It is a wardrobe staple in the fashionable women’s closet.

White Fox Fur Gilet Called “ANASTASIA” on

The Europeans laugh at us for our propensity to wear track pants to buy bread ( I am guilty of doing this as well) and by the way , a gilet looks amazing with track pants. It can pick up an entire outfit in a second.It must be a fur gilet however if you are looking to really elevate your base outfit. That ‘s the real magic .

A Silver Fox Fur Gilet with Trainers and Track Pants – SOOO Chic No?

Fur is simply inherently gorgeous and luxurious so it can literally take a ho hum bummy look (see above image) and make it look FASHION. Like you tried . Like you cared today … even if you didn’t.

To browse a collection of gorgeous gilets, shawls and coats visit my online boutique at I  also do custom orders for a perfect fit . We cater to men as well 🙂 Enjoy!

xo Steph

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